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My name is Gabriella, welcome to my blog where I share my journey following my modified version of the curly girl method. Lessons learned and knowledge gained. Tips, tricks, techniques, reviews and recommendations! As well as CG Beauty - all the same principles of the curly girl method, but for skincare and beauty!

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How to Maintain Healthy Hair When Colouring

After years of focusing on achieving healthy hair, and getting my curls back. A few weeks ago, I decided to break all the curly girl rules and get some highlights. Here’s how to maintain healthy, curly hair when colouring. Professional…

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TréLuxe Review | What to Buy

Possibly my most anticipated review and best kept secret. I can’t wait to share my TréLuxe review with you! What to buy and of course, a 15% discount code and another amazing giveaway with multiple winners! So if you saw…

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